Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bowling in Brown County


Borris here.

I sneaked onto Miss Keetha's lappy to make a post without letting Brunhilda know what I was doing. I thought it would be a gentler kinder post that way.

This is the main Inn at Story, Indiana. Miss Keetha took us there this weekend. She was involved in a wedding, but we weren't invited to that.

I've TRIED to tell Brunhilda that if she was nicer she'd get invited out in public more often - - - but so far she hasn't heeded.

So, while Miss Keetha was weddingizing, we found another way to entertain ourselves.

First we went bowling. TOILET bowling. Can you find us in this picture?

Oh, just look a little closer - - - we're about to make a STRIKE!

I don't know WHY other bears weren't bowling. There were sure a lot of bowls to choose from!

Story Inn is in Brown County. It sure was a gorgeous place. Hildy and I considered making our den there and hibernating for the winter.

But, we'd miss Fisherhubby and Miss Keetha too much so we decided against it. Besides, they would move off to Wisconsin and leave us behind if we were in Brown County all winter.

We don't get to see our big brother, Kyle, very often - - - so we jumped on his pillow and growled in his ears until he woke up.

Until next time - - - keep your paws out of the honey!



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like you saw some interesting things.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Oh My Goodness - BOWLING!!!!

That's just hysterical! You made my night - and tomorrow, too!

Kristin _ The Goat

Together We Save said...

Oh my goodness... very funny!