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Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here again, but you can call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

Last summer Miss Keetha brought us back "home" to the northwoods so we could reconnect with our roots. This year she brought us to reconnect with hers.

This was the farm house home of some of Sister Pam's and Miss Keetha's childhood friends, Shirley, Stubby, Bob, and Geezer. They used to come out here to romp and play in the country.

I guess the house doesn't look "right" now because some in-between owner made an addition which changed its look altogether. More's the pity.

See that plywood? That's covering an old time cellar entrance.

Seems that once when Miss Keetha and Sister Pam were just wee little girls, they were having a picnic here on the farm with their friends. A terrible storm blew up - - - the clouds were just roiling and rolling toward the house.

All the picnic people fled to the cellar to wait it out.

Only Stubby thought to bring his plate - - - which he ate before them all.

Miss Keetha says, and Sister Pam agrees, that this is where the barn used to be. They miss it.

After traveling a bit across country, we stopped at this place for lunch:

It's a Norwegian Restaurant, in case the "Norske" didn't already give it away. This is a favorite stopping place for Miss Keetha.

Sister Pam ordered mashed potatoes, hot turkey, and gravy in a bread bowl.

It was the size of Mount Olympus!!! She ate it all except part of the bread bowl. We were just hanging around, sniffing, and HOPING for a bite or two. We didn't get one.

Brunhilda quite got in the spirit of things waving the flag of Norway over my head - - -

And later tryin' on a Norwegian frock.

Next we headed to Wisconsin Rapids where "the girls" went to high school. When we arrived at our hotel, we found the rooms to be just lovely, but the view - - -

Brunhilda said, "Is this what they expect a she-bear to LOOK at??? Where's the northwoods?"

"Now Hildy," I said, "we aren't IN the northwoods anymore."

"Northwoods, smorthwoods!!" shouted Hildy. "We ain't in ANY woods now, Borris!!!"

I quickly looked around and said:

"Settle down and lookie over yonder to yore RIGHT, ma. Them thar are a FEW little trees, we'll just have to make do with those.

Besides, I think I heard Miss Keetha say we would go to Lake Wazeecha tomorrow."

Hildy processed that for a bit and then piped down.

I guess she remembered how she loved Lake Wazeecha when she saw it last summer.

As she settled into hibernation mode, she was heard to growl: "Humph. She BETTER take us out to the lake or I'll hijack her lappy again tomorrow and give her bloggy friends an ear full."

(First posted at The Eclectic Company on June 29, 2010)


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