Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bowling in Brown County


Borris here.

I sneaked onto Miss Keetha's lappy to make a post without letting Brunhilda know what I was doing. I thought it would be a gentler kinder post that way.

This is the main Inn at Story, Indiana. Miss Keetha took us there this weekend. She was involved in a wedding, but we weren't invited to that.

I've TRIED to tell Brunhilda that if she was nicer she'd get invited out in public more often - - - but so far she hasn't heeded.

So, while Miss Keetha was weddingizing, we found another way to entertain ourselves.

First we went bowling. TOILET bowling. Can you find us in this picture?

Oh, just look a little closer - - - we're about to make a STRIKE!

I don't know WHY other bears weren't bowling. There were sure a lot of bowls to choose from!

Story Inn is in Brown County. It sure was a gorgeous place. Hildy and I considered making our den there and hibernating for the winter.

But, we'd miss Fisherhubby and Miss Keetha too much so we decided against it. Besides, they would move off to Wisconsin and leave us behind if we were in Brown County all winter.

We don't get to see our big brother, Kyle, very often - - - so we jumped on his pillow and growled in his ears until he woke up.

Until next time - - - keep your paws out of the honey!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Very Own Corner of the Blog-o-sphere!


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

We are sooooooo excited to announce that Miss Keetha has decided to give us our OWN blog. She is helping us set it up and tweak it out just the way we want it!!! She is even going to add all our OLD posts, you know - - - the ones we did over at HER blog.

We are so very happy to have all our paw prints here in one place!!

I, Brunhilda, will be doing MOST of the writing - - - I'm the one who's mastered the keyboard - - - but old grouchy Borris will stick his paw in too from time to time.

So - - - join us for our "ride" through blogland.

Sometimes we'll travel by canoe - - - squirrel entirely optional.

Sometimes we'll hitch a ride with Miss Keetha and Fisherhubby.

Sometimes we'll set off on our OWN adventures in our very own shiny monster pick-up truck.

We may go sailing with Captain Fisherhubby on his boat - - -

Or we might set sail on our own little marine vessel.

But rest assured, whatever the means we choose - - - FUN shall ALWAYS go with us.

And now, before we CLOSE this, our very first post on our very own blog, let us show you this:

Miss Carol of "My Painting Room" found these two bears who appear to be imposters of US. Or are we replicas of them????

You decide.

More soon - - - we have plans for a little "excursion" this weekend, Miss Keetha willing.


Bearsaltandpepper History

We began our illustrious blogging career as guest posters over at Miss Keetha's blog.

Below you will find all our guest posts from Miss Keetha's blog in chronological order.

That is, should you CARE to see them.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris Hit the Road


Hi! We're Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

We heard about a couple of white Target birds who got to travel all over the place a few months ago. We'd like to send them a shout out and a big THANK YOU!!

You see, Miss Keetha heard about their travels and decided she'd let US go on vacation with her to the Northwoods. You know we're just tickled pink, well I guess black, 'cause we're FROM the Northwoods, don't'cha know!

We're all packed - - - 'course ma, that would be Brunhilda Bearsaltandpepper to you, packed a little on the heavy side. Now we just have to wait for Miss Keetha and her fisherhubby to get on the stick. Fisherhubby is at work - - - what's he thinkin', doesn't he know this is OUR vacation?!?

I guess this is ta-ta for now, we need to go hibernate for a few hours so we can keep Miss Keetha awake while she's driving later.

We have all kinds of fun stuff "up our paws" to do on vacation - - - be sure you check back here often to see what we're up to.

(First posted July 9, 2009 at The Eclectic Company)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris Wander Wisconsin


Welcome to our little world! Today, April Fools Day 2011, Miss Keetha is linking this little 'ole post up to the No Linky Party that Miss Anna sponsors over at Wit Behind the Ears.

We can BEARLY contain our excitement. And we ain't just FOOLIN' neither!!!

You may remember us from Miss Keetha's post yesterday. We are Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

First we have a bit of business from yesterday's post to take care of. Someone LAUGHED at us for our blatant and obvious use of scotch tape. To that we say, IT WORKS. Let he who has never imbibed in scotch (tape) be the only one to laugh.

Now, on with the story of our adventure.

Once we had our knapsacks all packed, we waited until Miss Keetha wasn't looking and slipped them in with her "stuff." Pretty clever that, or at least WE thought so.

She has so much stuff she'll never even see our tiny bit.

Then we went out onto the driveway for a few practice spins in our brand new wheels. Wow - - - they go FAST. Ma loved the breeze ruffling her fur. Sure beats standing around on a kitchen table waiting to "shake your booty."

At 2 AM we set out on our adventure FOR REAL.

First thing we had to learn to do was gas up our 4X4.

We don't quite "get" all the grumbling we hear from folks about the price of gas - - - it only cost us ten cents and we were good to go - - -

Until we saw FIRST PAW what it means to "play with the big boys."

Everything out there was SCARY. So - - -

We made a deal with fisherhubby that we would clean his windshield at each stop in exchange for the priviledge of riding - - - WITH OUR WHEELS - - - in his ridiculously oversized rig.

I think we got the short end of the stick - - - just look how dirty his truck is!!!

After that we hopped in fisherhubby's back seat and slept away the miles and the dark.

We awoke to a Wisconsin welcome - - - a very WET Wisconsin welcome.

We had to nix our idea of an al fresco breakfast.

Good thing WE aren't pets!!!

We tried our claws at a little jungle exploration.

Then it was off for a slide on the playground.

Kind of a "slip and slide" in the rain.

Then we read the morning paper.

Just what is it with these Wisconsin people and their pets????

We checked out the weather forecast.

Whew - - - looks like Miss Keetha and fisherhubby are going to drive us right out of the rain soon.

Next we read the vacation brochures.
There are A LOT of things to do and see in Wisconsin!!!

Back on the road again - - -
Every mile is bringing us closer to our Northwoods roots.

But Miss Keetha had OTHER plans - - -

She hijacked us
And the next thing we knew, we were at Lake Wazeecha on Red Sand Beach

We dipped our hind paws in the water.
It tickled.

Then we basked in the sun to warm up.

Somehow we felt very insignificant
In a sunny and sandy world.

We needed a drink of water before
We could head up north
To our day's hotel destination.

Adam helped us check into the Grand Stay in Eau Claire.
The Grand Stay is - - - - well - - - - GRAND!

We hurried up to our deluxe room

And burrowed our road weary bodies
Into our large and comfy bed.

We had sweet dreams of tomorrow
When we will arrive in our very own corner of the NORTHWOODS.

(First posted on The Eclectic Company on 7/10/09)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris at The Little Cabin On Gull Lake


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here again - - - but remember, you can call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

After more than twenty-four hours packed full of travel and adventure, we finally arrived at the Little Cabin on Gull Lake. We drove the last few miles in our snazzy new little 4X4.

Ma was so excited she could barely (or bearly) hang on to her kerchief, and I DID lose my cap!!!!!

We hopped out of that 4X4 and carried our knapsacks over that threshold faster than you could say "snot on a doorknob"!!! We could barely (or bearly) believe our eyes!!!!!

This is no bear cave, nor no FISHIN' SHACK neither!!!! This is northwoods comfort at it's finest - replete with running water, hot AND cold!!!

We ditched out knapsacks quicker than greased lightning, Ma didn't even make me unpack first, and got our little booties out on the deck.

MAN - - - whatadeck!!!! It's got a VIEW!!!!

After a while I talked ma into a bit of a tumble in the glider. I guess you could say we got into the swing of things!!!

Then we checked out the al fresco dining facility. Pretty fancy for down home folks like us!!!

This al fresco dining area even comes with a room - - - a SCREEN room. Whew, no pesky flies biting my hide!!!

This is our own little corner of the cabin - - - the spot where Miss Keetha likes to park us. We aren't too sure about that giant fish - - - but so far he's kept his mouth shut, so we're getting along just fine.

Then Miss Keetha made us our own little trundle bed. We nestled our weary bones under the covers with a contented sigh,

And the morning and the evening were the SECOND day!!!

Check back soon - - - Hildy and I are busy working on lots of adventure posts - - - today we heard one of the PEOPLE say WE are having more fun on this vacation than THEY are.

(First posted at The Eclectic Company on July 13, 2009)