Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wherein Brunhilda and Borris Do the Fourth


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

We've been blog-silent for so long I bet you forgot all about us, didn't'cha?

Yah well, long hibernations'll do that. I TRIED to get Hildy to wake up and blog with me, but she just wouldn't cooperate.

So here we are, a whole YEAR since our last meaningful post - - - as if anything we do in cyberspace is meaningful.

Exactly one year ago today, Miss Keetha outfitted us in a couple of really sharp bandanas.

I'm the one in the stars and Hildy is sportin' the stripes.

Miss Keetha said it was the 4th of July and truth be told we could SEE that by looking at the calendar. We didn't really "get" why that meant we had to deck all out in sporty bandanas, but she said we'd see in a bit.

She took us downtown where we set up "camp" on a grassy slope. Hildy brought snacks and a boom box.

We made sure our camp was right next to Miss Keetha and her humans.

Getting camp all set up was hot dusty work for two bears wearing not only their fur coats but also their sporty bandanas - - -

So we took a little dip in the pool that Kayla, one of Miss Keetha's humans, brought along to share with us.

Once cooled down, we set off to do a bit of exploring with Miss Keetha and Kayla.

We found some huge road blocks shutting down main street. Miss Keetha said they were very important so that cars wouldn't get through and crush all the street food vendors and folks buying their dinners from those vendors.

Goodness, the traditions of these humans are strange. Why don't they just use their paws to catch a nice juicy trout out of a stream for supper???

Oh yah, they ain't GOT no paws!

That could be a problem.

We peeked through an iron fence and saw some big monsters that we heard Miss Keetha call "hogs."

Wonder what in the world they do with those?

Do they have anything to do with going hog wild?

Miss Kayla helped us find some street food we DID like. Man, this is LOTS better than sneaking into town to raid trash cans!

Finally it was time for the MAIN festivities of the night to begin. The Headless Wonders and Freddie Finzsaltlandpepper joined us for this.

We heard the humans call these things fireworks. We also heard the humans doing a lot of oooooing and ahhhhhing.

The fireworks were loud.

They were bright.

They were beautiful and celebrational.

Miss Keetha said all this "fuss" was over the birthday of the Nation. She must have meant the human nation 'cause we black bears have ALWAYS lived in this land.

Whatever, we sure enjoyed the show.

Don't think we'll venture out again this year - - - once for fireworks was enough for any self respecting Bearsaltandpepper.

Miss Keetha says all of you will probably go out to celebrate "The Fourth" tonight. Well, if you do we wish you happy and safe celebrations.

We couldn't "bear" it if any of our bloggy friends had a less than exemplary Fourth.