Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jonah Only Had to Be in the Belly of the Whale THREE Days


Borris here.

I've just been through a horrible ordeal, which I could BEARLY stand, and I wanted to tell you all about it.

Let's all PAWS for a few moments of silence while I compose myself enough to type this blog post.

I was incarcerated for over a week.

That's right, INCARCERATED!!!

I was guilty of no crime, and yet that dastardly Fisherhubby, the same man who bear-napped BOTH Hildy and me a couple of years ago, captured and incarcerated me deep inside the belly of Cookie Jarbear.

Miss Keetha was busy packing to go to camp and didn't notice that I was missing from 101 South Kitchen Table Way. She didn't know that I was BEARLY able to breathe deep in that pit.

Away she went to camp for a whole week, unwittingly leaving me incarcerated and worse yet - - - leaving Brunhilda alone with only Freddy Finzsaltandpepper and the Headless Wonders to watch over her.

You'd THINK that Fisherhubby would have heard my growls for help, taken pity on me, and released me. But NO - - - he LEFT me in that jail the entire time Miss Keetha was gone!! I tell ya, even JONAH was only in the belly of the whale for three days and he DESERVED his punishment! I was guilty of NOTHING, yet I was in the belly of Cookie Jarbear for nearly two weeks.

The MINUTE Miss Keetha came home and realized I was missing, she sent out the search and rescue squad to find me. When they discovered me down in the well, she came herself and gently lifted me out and - - -

Returned me to my rightful place beside Hildy at 101 South Kitchen Table Way.

Hildy was beside herself with joy at my return. She had thought I was for sure a goner and had wept her big black bear eyes dry over me.

Freddy and the Wonders were glad to see me too. They had, quite frankly, run out of consoling words to offer my poor grieving Brunhilda.

We don't know HOW Miss Keetha puts up with that Fisherhubby's antics. He must be SUCH a trial to her.

So, the next time she puts an embarrassing picture of him on HER blog - - - DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. He richly deserves all that she might dish out. We live here with them, we observe his many "crimes" and we wish to go on record as character witnesses for Miss Keetha.