Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wherein B & B Go on a Mission for Aunt Pam


Aunt Pam was wondering where some little houses that Uncle Mac made were hiding. So, we went on a reconnaissance mission to see if we could find them.

How'd we do, Aunt Pam???? Are these the ones, sitting right here on the coffee table - - -

Across from this Christmas train??? The way it's snowing here today, this train COULD be the Polar Express!


Friday, December 10, 2010

A "Beary Meary" Christmas to You!!!


Hi y'all.

Miss Keetha has been busy making red and green changes in the decor around here! We wondered what in the WORLD was goin' on - - - so we perambulated out and about to see what we could find.

It didn't take long, even for old backwoods bears like us, to figure out that Christmas MUST be coming!

Why ole Frosty here, who appeared on our table between Freddie Finz and us, was practically SHOUTING a clue at us.

Other "folk" like Mr. Swanny, swimmin' on the Oak Pond, didn't have much to say, instead they just flaunted their festivities.

These guys kinda scared us, carrying their weapons (or as Brunhilda says, wheapons) and all - - - except that one goofy dude who is holding a dead fish. Now what do you reckon THAT is all about????

This was the closest thing to a Christmas Tree we could find. We asked Mr. and Mrs. Snowfolk if THEY knew where the "real" tree was, but they got rather huffy and said this WAS a real tree.

Some people need to get OUT more!

This little guy, Snowfolk Junior, couldn't hear us through his ear muffs so we just gave him a grin and a couple of high fives and continued on our way.

Now this surely did make us scratch our heads in confusion. This little gal in gold is way too big to fit into ANY of these houses. Suppose that's why she's out in the cold just a PRAYIN' for some shelter?

This Christmas Cat is big enough to pounce on us and eat us - - - but we ain't a skeered, she hasn't got any eyes, nor no teeth neither!!!

And so, with that we'd better scamper back up on our table before Miss Keetha catches us roaming.

But before we go, let us wish you and yours a "Beary Meary" Christmas!!!