Thursday, February 24, 2011

There's a New Bear in Our Little ol' Woods


Borris here.

The other day Miss Keetha just plunked ANOTHER new arrival down at 101 S. Kitchen Table Way. He's a nice enough chap by the name of Beauregarde Bearski.

But REALLY Miss Keetha, don't you think 101 S. Kitchen Table Way is getting just a leeeetle too populated? I mean, we've already got the Wonders and Freddie sharing our space. Besides, where BEARS are concerned while two is certainly company, three is DEFINITELY a crowd.

Beauregarde himself wasn't very keen on moving into 101 S. Kitchen Table Way. He said he needed OPEN SPACES to feel at home.

So, while Miss Keetha was busy with her new money laundering scheme we set out to help Beau find his OWN address. (You probably remember we've told you Miss Keetha is the queen of one-track-mindedness so she NEVER notices what we're doing when she's busy at one of her projects.)

First we showed Beauregarde Silicon Valley. He liked it right away and was ready to move in. Brunhilda didn't seem so keen and she convinced him it would BEARLY be wise to jump at the FIRST place he saw.

Just between you and me, I THINK Hildy was afraid old Beau would learn computer skilz and start a blog of his own. She doesn't want to share ANY of her cyber fame with that big GRIZZLY.

Next we whisked him off to check out the elite neighborhood, Counter-Top Plaza. Cookie Jarbear and her three cubs, Chocolate, Chip, and Brownie already live there.

Old Beau seemed rather nervous and anxious to get outa there, though he was very polite to Cookie and her cubs. While we were heading off to another neck of the woods I heard him mutter something about "too much cub 'sittin'!!"

So, we showed him the African Savannah.

The Africans got real restless. They didn't take too kindly to a Northwoods species invading their marked territority.

We high-TAILED it outa there before they could begin stampedin'.

Our next stop was Fiesta Pie Safe-Way. Beauregarde loved all the color, but he wasn't too fond of the sound of "Fiesta." He said he's generally a quiet reserved kinda animal and would BEARLY be able to tolerate a party EVERY night.

So, we moved along to a couple of plateaus. Seen here is End Table Highway - - -

And Antique School Desk High Top.

Beauregarde rejected them without so much as a flick of his EARS - - - said they SMACKED of a frame-up to him, though he DID think the blonde in the middle was quite a hottie.

We took him to see Hat Box Tower with Washboard Alley in the back. He looked around very carefully, and we could tell he was tempted to move in.

Finally he shook his head and said, "Nope - - - I just feel FLOORED here."

By this time Brunhilda and I were getting a little worried - - - our woods ain't all that BIG. We were about to run out of places to show. But Hildy poked me in the ribs with her elbow and said, "Let's not PAWS now, I've got several more ideas!"

So, off we treked to the Hounds of the Basketville, hoping THIS would be just the ticket for our Bearski. He checked Basketville out from handles to lid but said it made him feel blue so it just wouldn't do.

There was nothing for it but to show him China Town and - - -

Tea Time Lane.

"I'm just NOT a high class BEAR!!!" growled Beau. "Why, I feel like a Bear in a china shop here!!!"

"Well," said Hildy in exasperation - - - "Are you a learned Bear by any chance??? This is Book Worm Orchard. What do you think of it???"

"I feel CROWDED." sighed Beau. "I long for wide open spaces."

Hildy and I looked at each other and grinned.

"Why didn't you say so SOONER, old chap!!" I said, giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder. "I believe we have JUST the place!!!"

And with that we scurried him off to Porcelain Place.

"I LOVE it," cried he!!! "I'm the king of my own hill!" And saying no more he moved right in at 302 Porcelain Place West.

I can tell you that Brunhilda and I breathed a sigh of relief. Just when we thought all our best laid plans were going to TANK and all our hopes and dreams of finding a new home for Beau were going DOWN THE TOILET - - - everything worked out in the end.

And isn't that the just the way life goes???