Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear


Well friends, we have arrived in our new neck of the woods. We rode in our purse conveyance the whole way - - - scared to peep out of the top for fear Miss Keetha would see us and wrap us up in news print.

We were fortunate - - - she didn't have any news papers.

She did, however, kinda forget about us in our purse conveyance. So today, we found ourselves someplace we've never been before!


We settled in our seat with our bulletins.

We met Miss Connie and her two daughters, Tracie and Kayla.

Kayla wanted us to sit by her. Happy to oblige!

These people really "get" us! Miss Connie wanted us to be able to join in the singing - - -

So she held us.

We think we're gonna LIKE this place.

We'll be back with more news that is bearly news later - - -


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's Not Wrapping US in Newsprint!!!!


We'd like to THANK all of you for helping us solve our mystery last week. We think you're right - - - Miss Keetha and Fisherhubby are MOVING!!!!

We haven't seen any more of Freddie Finzsaltandpepper, but Hildy thought she heard him sniffling and crying and BEGGING to be let out of the newsprint late one night.

The idea of being wrapped up in newsprint scared us hairless, so - - -

This morning when Miss Keetha was up by 5:30 AM scrambling and packing and doing final sorting, it was pretty obvious to us that TODAY wasn't just any OLD day.

So, rather than RISK being wrapped in paper, or WORSE - - - left behind - - - we found Miss Keetha's purse and hid ourselves in it.

Sure enough, when we dared "peep" over the sides, we could see that the house was emptying out - - - FAST.

Of course, we didn't SEE this part - - - we were hiding safely in that nice warm purse. But we KNOW it was happening - - - we could still HEAR.

Miss Keetha's dad, Peepaw (a young 81 year old) and their Pastor came to help. And BOY did they EVER help!!!

Miss Keetha was soooooo tired after a few hours, we heard her sniffing to keep back the tears.

But NOT Peepaw, he went full bore all day long.

And that Pastor Mark - - - turns out besides being a Master Pastor, he's a MASTER Packer! He knew just where to put everything.

By 4:00 PM that truck was locked and loaded and "roaded."

Now we're in a hotel resting. Ma and I are still in our purse conveyance - - - just in case.

Miss Keetha is listening to ESPN (are you surprised?) and working (playing?) on her computer.

And Fisherhubby? Well, let's just say we can HEAR him sleeping. Sounds like we're back in our wooded den listening to CHAIN SAWS!!!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Something MAJOR is Rocking Our World!


Something drastic is happenin' around here.

We first became aware of it when things that didn't belong here began to aggregate on OUR table. I mean, SOMETIMES Miss Keetha or Fisherhubby set something on OUR table for a day or two - - - but this??? Nothing like THIS ever before. What IS all this stuff?

I decided to check with Freddie Finzsaltandpepper who also lives on this table to see if HE knows what's going on.

You may REMEMBER Freddie, we introduced you to him when he first arrived a year or so ago.

Imagine my SHOCK and HORROR when I couldn't find Freddie ANYWHERE.

"Borris, Borris!!!" I shouted. "Come help me find Freddie, he's missing!!!"

"Calm down, Hildy, I'm sure he's here somewhere!" Borris tried to reassure me.

We searched every inch of that table top. We even separated and went around things from opposite sides just to be sure we didn't miss finding Freddie.

"HE IS LIKE TOTALLY GONE!!!! I don't like this, Borris!!" I cried. "Nope, I don't like this not even one LITTLE bit!!"

Borris growlingly admitted I had a point and wasn't just being an overwraught she-bear.

We decided to wait until Miss Keetha wasn't around and do a further investigation.

What we have found has curled our black bear hair!!!

Places in this house that are usually covered over with things are now BARE!!! (And I don't mean BEAR either!)

Ever since Borris and I have dwelt in this den, there has been a lovely little village on this mantle. We used to LOVE to visit with our friends here after the people had gone to bed.

Now it is a vast wasteland. VAST!!!

And here there has always been a tea party going on by the light of a hurricane lamp.

Do you SEE any tea party, or any hurricane lamp for that matter?????

Nor do we.

"Borris," I cried, "I'm scared! What in the WORLD can be happening?"

"I don't know Hildy, I'm afraid you have good reason to be concerned this time!"

We continued our search and found - - - - MORE emptiness.

"Look Borris!" I pointed. "There's a huge box down there and it's got lots of Miss Keetha's STUFF in it!?! Do you suppose a fishnapper thief has come in here, taken Freddie Finzsaltandpepper and is now trying to make off with Miss Keetha's other things???? And DO YOU THINK WE'RE NEXT!!!"

"Try to calm yourself, Hildy. We'll keep looking around and see if we can figure this mystery out," soothed Borris.

In the hallway we found more boxes. In them were collectable type objects, many of which were carefully wrapped in newsprint.

"I wish I could READ peoplish!" I wailed. "Maybe there's a clue on this news print!"

We continued our search for clues in the garage.

There we found stacks of things ready to be whisked right out the door. There were boxes all carefully taped up. The boat and ALL the fishing gear was GONE. Fisherhubby's exercise machine was even out there all neatly folded up!!!

I tell ya - - - I was nearly beside myself with panic by this time! It was all Borris could do to keep me from fainting dead away right on the spot.

Then we noticed it.

Miss Keetha's car - - - the hatch all loaded FULL of nicely packed and taped up boxes. There were magic marker words written on them like, "Tea Set," "Fiesta," and "Haviland."

"These are Miss Keetha's TREASURES!" I shouted to Borris. "They are all packed and loaded into her car!!! Do you think she's going to slip away in the night and LEAVE US HERE??? Looks like Fisherhubby is going with her - - - his fishing gear is already gone, his Bowflex is all folded up ready to go, and you KNOW Miss Keetha NEVER touches THAT!!!"

"I just don't KNOW, Hildy." Borris sighed. "Miss Keetha LOVES us, I sure don't think she'd abandon us! And what about Freddie??? Where is he??? Would Miss Keetha take HIM and leave US??? I don't THINK so."

"Well then, we're back to a fishnapper thief who has taken Freddie, left us behind, and is now trying to make off with all this stuff! Oh WHAT shall we do???" I wailed at the top of my she-bear lungs - - - completely LOSING it.

"I just don't know, Hildy!" Borris whispered, fear looming large in his big brown bear-eyes.

So - - - all you out there in blogland. Can YOU help us???

Can you tell us what has happened to Freddie Finzsaltandpepper?

Can you tell us why all Miss Keetha's treasures are boxed up?

Do you know why Fisherhubby's stuff is GONE out of the garage - - - except his Bowflex and THAT is all folded up in an unusable condition???

Are we in danger of being bearnapped?

Do you think we need to put out an Ambear Alert????

Oh, please HELP us!!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Touch of Old Mexico


Today Miss Keetha put us in her purse and took us on an adventure to Old Mexico - - - sort of.

It was called La Charreada.

When we came in the door, I peeked over the top of the purse and saw people smiling and calling out greetings to our Miss Keetha, only they didn't call her that. They kept saying "Hola, Panchita!!!" She smiled and greeted them back, so I guess there's a whole nother side to her that we don't know!!

Soon our waiter, David, came to our table. "Panchita" introduced us to him.

At first he looked at us like we were plain old salt and peppers or something - - - but it didn't take him long to realize we were alive and kicking.

He left us a basket of chips and a bowl of salsa.

I dove right in. Yummy!

Borris was a little more discreet. Oh, but don't be misled! I saw he had lots of salt on his whiskers and salsa dripping off his chin. I wasn't fooled - - - he was as big a pig as I was, just a little more polite.

Next Juan Carlos, the manager, came to our table. He was just about the nicest human we've had the fortune to meet. He loved us right away, so we both kissed him on the cheeks.

He kept telling "Panchita" that he was going to miss her when she moves away.

Now, for the BIGGEST SURPRISE of all!!! We were at LaCharreada to meet and greet Miss Kristin, The Goat!!!! She was passing through our little old town on her way from Jacksonville, Florida to Michigan.

We met her last year at this time, and we just adore her.

She read us the selections on the menu and let us help her order.

When the food came, she even fed us bites from our own little bear-fork.

Miss Kristin, you ROCK. We are sooooooo glad Miss Keetha took us out to have lunch with you.