Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's Not Wrapping US in Newsprint!!!!


We'd like to THANK all of you for helping us solve our mystery last week. We think you're right - - - Miss Keetha and Fisherhubby are MOVING!!!!

We haven't seen any more of Freddie Finzsaltandpepper, but Hildy thought she heard him sniffling and crying and BEGGING to be let out of the newsprint late one night.

The idea of being wrapped up in newsprint scared us hairless, so - - -

This morning when Miss Keetha was up by 5:30 AM scrambling and packing and doing final sorting, it was pretty obvious to us that TODAY wasn't just any OLD day.

So, rather than RISK being wrapped in paper, or WORSE - - - left behind - - - we found Miss Keetha's purse and hid ourselves in it.

Sure enough, when we dared "peep" over the sides, we could see that the house was emptying out - - - FAST.

Of course, we didn't SEE this part - - - we were hiding safely in that nice warm purse. But we KNOW it was happening - - - we could still HEAR.

Miss Keetha's dad, Peepaw (a young 81 year old) and their Pastor came to help. And BOY did they EVER help!!!

Miss Keetha was soooooo tired after a few hours, we heard her sniffing to keep back the tears.

But NOT Peepaw, he went full bore all day long.

And that Pastor Mark - - - turns out besides being a Master Pastor, he's a MASTER Packer! He knew just where to put everything.

By 4:00 PM that truck was locked and loaded and "roaded."

Now we're in a hotel resting. Ma and I are still in our purse conveyance - - - just in case.

Miss Keetha is listening to ESPN (are you surprised?) and working (playing?) on her computer.

And Fisherhubby? Well, let's just say we can HEAR him sleeping. Sounds like we're back in our wooded den listening to CHAIN SAWS!!!!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I told you both it would be OK. I do think it was a good idea to hitch a ride in Miss Keetha's purse. I am not a fan of newsprint myself. Get some rest, there will be so much to do in the new house!!

Kristin - The Goat said...

I think you found the perfect spot to ride out the packing storm. Avoid the newspaper at all costs :)

Kristin _ The Goat

Angie said...

There is a real knack to packing a furniture van!