Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris Return to Their Roots


Your old friends, Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but you may call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here - - - surely you remember us.

It's not every Bearsaltandpepper who after making his/her way in the world is privileged to return to his roots. But that is exactly what Ma and I were able to do.

Most northwoods bears come from the wilds of the northwoods. Not so Ma and I. We also hail from the northwoods - - -

The "Ben Franklin Northwoods Craft and Variety"!!! Yep, we grew up right here in the slotted shelving system. Our Aunts and Uncles and Cousins all lived here too. Can you see how excited we are to come back and see who all's still here!?!?

Little Miss McKayla was on "bear keeper" duty that day. Isn't she a sweetie??? If Hildy weren't so good lookin' herself, I just might have been tempted to look McKayla's way!! 'Course, she wouldn't even have given a crusty old bear like me the time of day.

With McKayla's help, we soon found our clan. They were all busy doin' what Ben Franklin bears do - - -a lot of nothun'.

Baby Beaureguard, the biggest baby EVER in our clan, did his part to make us feel right at home. Isn't he just cheek pinchin' cute? We're pretty proud of our "little" great nephew!!!

Then we spent some time with our second cousins, Bertha and Berny Bearsaltandpepper. They think they are ready to leave the old Ben Franklin and find their way out into the world. We think maybe we can help- - - - we have a "trick" up our fur for helping them find a new home. Anybody out there think you can guess what it is????

This is the Noserubber branch of the family. They are our third cousins once removed. We visited for a while, but as you can see they are pretty occupied with their chosen profession of nose rubbing.

We were able to have a long visit with Uncle Baxter who is an accomplished fly fisherman. He gave us some great tips for our next fishing trip.

Just before we left our stompin' grounds, we looked in on our Pageant cousins. They are already hard at work preparing for the Christmas Program with their neighbors and friends, the Noel Moose Family. We didn't stay long, didn't want to disrupt their practice, don't'cha know!!!

And now, until our next installment, we wish you happy stompin' wherever you may go!!

(First posted at The Eclectic Company on July 17, 2009)


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