Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wherein Brunhilda and Borris Learn Quilting With Cousin Shirley


Miss Keetha NEVER thought she'd be able to do a quilting post on her blog.


She doesn't sew.

She doesn't knit.

She doesn't do any of those "homemakey" things.

But she has relatives who do!!!! Lots of relatives who do.

Meet Cousin Shirley. Shirley is the sister of Cousin Doug about whom Miss Keetha posted here and here. She is a seamstress extraordinaire who taught high school Home Ec. before she retired.

Yesterday when Sister Pam, Dad, and Miss Keetha stopped in to visit with Cousin Shriley, she was putting the finishing touches on this gorgeous quilt, getting ready to enter it into several competitions.

This is the cathedral window pattern. Shirley has been working on this quilt, bits and pieces at a time, over the last 30 years. She is using scraps of fabric left from family sewing projects. She even has fabric from her grandmother (and Miss Keetha's) who passed away when Miss Keetha was in Junior High.

This scrap of cloth was left over from the first 4H dress Shirley made when she was in 8th grade.

This scrap of fabric was left from a simple shift dress that Shirley's mom, my Aunt Ferol, made and wore to a wedding.

Just before the wedding, Shirley's husband, Dave, suggested to his MIL that it was time to get ready for the wedding, to which she replied, "I AM ready." Seems Dave thought the dress was too simple and too plain for a wedding, but Aunt Ferol lent an air of grace and charm to everything she touched.

Since Miss Keetha doesn't quilt or sew or go with those who do, and since she DOES NOT want to be accused of neglecting OUR, Brunhilda and Borris', education, She asked Shirley if she would give us a little quilting lesson.

Cousin Shirley gladly complied.

"Come here, little bears, now let me show you this - - -"

"Look very closely, my little bears, I don't want you to miss this step!"

If you are new here, and you think Miss Keetha has gone completely off her rocker, and taken Cousin Shirley with her - - - well she has. However, you will understand a bit more about Brunhilda and Borris if you look here.

For our old timers, there are still more B & B posts on the way - - -

(First posted at The Eclectic Company on June 26, 2010)


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