Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris Share a Northwoods "Awwwwwww Moment"


One cold, cloudy northwoods day, shortly after Miss Keetha ransomed Brunhilda and Borris from the bear-napper, they decided to head out into the world to see what they could see. Surely you remember Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, but you may call then Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper, don't you?

Miss Keetha nestled them down into their very own comfy traveling compartment in her purse, and they were off to explore new territory.

They rode and rode in the purse until suddenly - - -

Right in the middle of the wilderness that is the northwoods, with nary a town nor settlement in sight, they found this darling little white church.

Borris read the name of the church off to Brunhilda, "Spider Lake Church."

"SPIDERS!!" yelped Brunhilda, "I HATE spiders!" And with that she promptly refused to get out of the purse.

"Now Hildy," wheedled Borris, "There AREN'T any spiders around - - - it's just a NAME."

"Well, somebody must have seen spiders to give it THAT name!" retorted Hildy.

"I'm getting out - - - I don't see any spiders anywhere, nor any lake either - - - so I think all the spiders are at the LAKE wherever it is, and you should come with me."

"OK, but if I see ONE spider, I'm outa there." relented Brunhilda.

They didn't find any spiders, but they did find a sweet cherub. Brunhilda was glad she'd gotten out of the purse to meet the little angel. The angel seemed to kinda like Brunhilda too!

Suddenly Borris, ever the romantic, had a splendid idea.

"Hildy," he said, "Let's renew our vows right here at this quaint little northwoods church."

"Oh Borris," crooned Brunhilda, "You do get the BEST ideas sometimes."

And with that they set about creating a little bride's veil for Brunhilda. When it was finished, and Brunhilda was bedecked with it - - -

They climbed to the very top of the very tall stairway - - -

Where they stood before God and bears and everybody and promised, again, to love and cherish each other until death them do part. Then Borris kissed Hildy right on her bear lips and gave her a bear hug.

We can all take a little lesson from Brunhilda and Borris and remind those we love that we do.

And Brunhilda and Borris lived happily ever after until - - -

Check back here later to see what the "until" brings.

(First posted on The Eclectic Company on July 20, 2009)


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