Saturday, September 11, 2010

Holly Lost Her Glasses


Holly lost her glasses.

Somewhere in her house.

In Florida.

I found them.

Somewhere in this desk in my house.

In Indiana.

No, I DON'T know for sure that they are hers, but it seems logical, doesn't it? I mean, she LOST a pair and I FOUND a pair! All kinds of things pass back and forth through cyberspace, why not a pair of glasses after all?

I brought this little Rain Forest Tree Frog home from my classroom. He was more than willing to model the glasses so Holly can see if they are hers.

And this baby doll sends Holly HER greetings with assurances that she too will be a "baby doll" if she wears these.

Even Brunhilda and Borris got in the act, though Brunhilda decided she LIKED wearing them and is hoping Holly won't claim them. She's threatening to hide them from me so I can't send them.

(First posted at The Eclectic Company, June 18, 2010)


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