Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wisconsin - America's Dairyland


This is a post Miss Keetha wrote for her blog. Since we are in it, she is letting us reprint it here on our own blog.

Brunhilda and Borris stopped in to meet and greet Cousin Doug. You may remember they met his sister, Cousin Shirley here. Also, longtime Eclectic Company readers may remember him from PREVIOUS blogging fame here and here.

Cousin Doug knew EXACTLY how Bearsaltandpeppers like to be greeted!

Doug is a farmer at heart. For years he farmed these rolling hills of Vernon County, first as a boy with his father and brother and later on his own place.

Farming is in his lifeblood.

He tells me, and I believe him, that the trademark Red Wisconsin barn is soon going to be a thing of the past. They are simply being torn down as farms disappear or are aggregated into large co-ops which use metal pole barns instead.

Even his own boyhood homeplace exists no longer. The state bought the land for a dam project that never even came to fruition. "Our" barn is gone. "Our" house has been moved to another location - - - one much less to its suiting if you ask me.

All this loss breaks our farm-loving Wisconsin hearts.

So - - - in honor of Doug and all the rest of us with farming hearts who love the red barns dotted against the rolling green of the hills that comprise the south-western part of this state I give you the following pastoral scenes:

Truly happy cows. What cow WOULDN'T be happy in such a setting and with such a heritage??? (I must tell you - - - I resent California and their attempted usurpation of the Wisconsin Dairlyland heritage.)

Even the old red, orange, or blue tractors are being replace by mega GREEN AND YELLOW ones.

Must be lunch time - - - this tractor is resting.

And now for the barns:

Soak it in while it lasts. This is Wisconsin farm country at its finest.

I'll keep this post in my archives so you may come back whenever you want to relive the nostalgia.

(First posted at The Eclectic Company on July 1, 2010)


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