Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brunhilda and Borris in Day Trippin'


Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper here, but you can call us Brunhilda and Borris Bearsaltandpepper.

Miss Keetha has been hauling us all over the northwoods, but she hasn't been letting us make any posts ourselves. We had to sneak onto lappy in the middle of the night just to tell this little story!!

First of all, she makes us do all the work. Well, Sister Pam and dad help too. Miss Keetha has some flimsy little surgery excuse about not lifting heavy things - - - but does that mean she packed LIGHT? Aux contraire, mes amis, she went loaded for BEAR!! She ladens us down like pack mules so she can be free to point that digi-cam at whatever suits her!!!

Brunhilda didn't want to leave Eau Claire - - - said she liked the digs there. I told her we were on an adventure and might as well grin and BEAR it.

She grumbled all the way to the next port of call. Do you know how miserable it is to share close purse quarters with a growling she bear???? Let's just say I could BEARLY BEAR it. Between putting up with her AND Miss Keetha, I think I deserve an award.

When we arrived in Hayward, even Brunhilda growlingly admitted Miss Keetha did all right when she reserved this place!

We checked out the paddle boats. They were pretty classy with their little green awnings!

We scoped out Hayward Lake - - - which is really just a widened part of the Namekagon River. Pretty stuff!

We think Fisherhubby would like to put his boat in here. Of course, Miss Keetha made him stay home and go to work.

We prowled around the shoreline where the only wildlife we found was a fast little chipmunk.

At the end of the day, we were plum tuckered out with all that luggage haulin', purse packin', movin' in, and explorin'.

Sister Pam was exhausted too, so we hunkered down with her for a little hibernation.

And now we must hide back in Miss Keetha's purse before she catches us using her lappy!!!

Ta ta 'til next time - - -


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