Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brunhilda and Borris in "Spygate"

After our last couple of posts where we ran about Miss Keetha's house snapping pictures behind her back, Miss Angie asked us if we have ever had a close squeak where Miss Keetha nearly caught us.

You see, THIS is where Miss Keetha thinks we live, 101 S. Kitchen Table Way. She thinks we stay here with our neighbor, Freddie Finzsaltandpepper and never go anywhere without her express knowledge and assistance.

Ho-Hum how boring!

No - - - we have adventures. We go on reconnaissance missions! Our life is one of thrills and chills.

Miss Keetha is none the wiser.

How is this so? You may well ask.

You see, Miss Keetha is the Queen of One-Track-Mindedness. Her children learned this at very early ages and you should HEAR the things they got away with when Miss Keetha's little mind was occupied elsewhere.

No dummy bears we, we have learned to take FULL advantage of this. We get out and about and explore EVERY time she is occupied with her blog, or reading, or TV, or just ANYTHING that catches her fancy.

On those rare occasions when she becomes conscious of her surroundings and we are elsewhere than 101 S. Kitchen Table Way, we take advantage of one of THREE tried and true concealment methods.


Wherever we are, we simply blend into the surroundings.

One would THINK Miss Keetha would NOTICE us on her computer desk while she is blogging - - - - but you forget, she is the QUEEN of One-Track-Mindedness.

As long as she doesn't sit on THIS couch and lean back on THIS pillow - - - we are safe.

She has never yet noticed two little black bears blending in with her graduating class of 2010.

Blelnding in with family portraits. Hey - - - WE'RE family too ya know!

Cream? Sugar? Bearsaltandpeppers anyone???

Help yourself to a nice cuppa - - -

Button, button, who's got the button???

Gingerbread Coffee-mate? E-V-O-O? Black bear???

You KNOW we always enjoy bowling!!!

It isn't just the grans who enjoy the toys!

"Hike one, hike two, hike three!!!!"

What? You don't think THIS is a safe hiding place? You think she'll see us when she works on her puzzle??? You forget - - - Queen of One-Track-Mindedness!


In our adventures in and around and about Miss Keetha's home, we have made friends. These innocent looking friends are often invaluable!

Miss Makena, who joined our happy little "Miss Keetha Circus" all the way from Finland just about a year ago now.

We may not actually BE Savannah critters, but we can PRETEND, can't we??? All we had to do to get the help of the Africans was to promise to take them on some of our adventures.

Can't you just HEAR us singing "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" in the little Lutheran village???

Bucky, Edgerrin, and Joseph always keep our secrets. We steer clear of the snapping jaws of Mr. Alligator! He's a Florida fan - - - what do you expect?

Terd Furgeson is ALWAYS most helpful - - - and he's cushy and warm besides.


This is our FAVORITE method as we're totally invisible - - - you probably won't even SEE us in THESE pictures.

Laundry basket

Bowflex. Do you think Miss Keetha has ever even LOOKED at a piece of exercise equipment??? If you said "yes," guess again!

China cabinet

Behind Fisherhubby's fishing shows. Miss Keetha NEVER watches those.

Head first into teapots. Totally invisible.

The End!



grammy said...

Gotta get the book published!!!

Gerson & Betsy said...

Ever so clever! :)

RuthnJasper said...

Oh, dear god, we laughed SO much at this! And we haven't laughed like that for quite a while - thank you SO much. Cheeky bears!

They are the true master and mistress of subterfuge! Genius in its purest form.

Gotta watch that Miss Angie though - her spies are EVERYWHERE! ;-)

Happy new year to Bears and lovely Miss Keethas wherever they may lurk!

Jasper (and Ruth) xxx

Lady Jane said...

I hope the bloggers out there have children enjoying the bears adventures also. I like your neat teapots the bears were hiding behind and in.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You scalawags better be careful. Miss Keetha once taught children so she does have eyes in the back of her head...or so I've heard!

Kristin - The Goat said...

You had me at Method One: Blend. Actually, that's where I started laughing, which turned into rolling laughter. What a hoot.

Keetha, you'd better watch out, those bears are going to have their own YouTube channel soon!

Kristin _ The Goat

Ann in the UP said...

Dear B&B,
You are the masters of disguise, and have learned a lot about blending, and even hiding in plain sight.

I see nothing but good times ahead, for the older (shhhhhh) she gets the less she'll notice that you are out and about. Thankfully, she has many interesting places for you to explore, and I especially enjoyed your caroling in the Christmas scene. I wasn't aware of the singing skills of bears. Live and learn, my dears.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You two are really good at moving around the house without Miss Keetha catching you. Glad your friends help out and don't tattle on you! I bet your having fun this weekend with her gone, or did she make you go with?

Angie said...

Now then, first of all let me say sorry for not seeing this before. I've been busy having a birthday you see. It was a big one!

I've never known 2 more determined and resourceful bears than you. Do you think if you pulled in your tummies or tucked in your behinds you might become TOTALLY invisible to the Miss Keetha eye?

Unknown said...

You are two very good reconnaissance bears. I will hire you next time I'm in need of spying. Do you charge a lot to travel?