Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arrival of the Headless Wonders

Borris here.

The Headless Wonders have arrived at 101 S. Kitchen Table Way. We KNOW they are the Wonders because they've got W's on their chests!

But, I'm getting a little aHEAD of the story - - -

Miss Keetha and Fisherhubby took a get-away weekend and left Hildy, Freddie, and me home alone.

We THOUGHT about really "cutting a rug" around here - - - but then thought better of it when we realized if Miss Keetha came home to a big mess she may well lock us in the microwave or someplace even WORSE the next time she leaves us behind!

We DO wish she'd ALWAYS take us with her when she travels, but she is very stubborn and won't be convinced to take us if she doesn't want to.

Well, when she got home she proceeded to move Freddie Finzsaltandpepper into slightly new quarters and moved the Wonders into his former abode.

Well, you know Brunhilda!! She wasn't going to be satisfied until she knew ALL about the new neighbors, so she rushed right over to introduce herself and ask them who they were.

They didn't say nothin'.

So, Hildy talked louder - - - "HELLO! I'M HILDY, WHO ARE YOU!?!"

They still didn't say nothin'.


They still didn't say nothin'.

I thought I'd better step in and see if I could calm Hildy and get a little sense out of the Wonders.

"Hello," I said, "I'm Borris - - - your new neighbor. We sure are glad to have you move in. Hope you'll like it here. If you wouldn't mind, we'd sure like to know your names."

They still didn't say nothin'.

"Well, my goodness, Hildy," I said. "Perhaps they don't understand Bearlish."

They still didnt' say nothin'.

About that time, Freddie came swimming over.

"Excuse me, Borris," he said. "Let me give it a try - - - perhaps they'll understand my Bass."

And with that, he commenced to try to communicate with the Wonders.

Evidently they don't understand Bass any better than they do Bearlish because - - -

They STILL didn't say nothin'!!

"Well," said Hildy. "They don't appear to have any HEADS! I guess without HEADS they don't have ears so they can't hear us."

"You've got a point!" said Freddie. "And look - - - with no heads they don't have any mouths either so maybe that's why they won't answer us."

"Hummmph," I growled. "I guess they must be the Headless Wonders!!!"

And that is exactly what we are calling them.

I can tell you ONE thing for sure and certain - - - they are VERY quiet neighbors.



Theresa said...

There is a lot to say about quiet neighbors and it sounds like you guys have the MOST quiet ones:) While they are cute, they aren't as friendly as you two! Hugs from Keetha's friend in Georgia, stuckinthesnowganky!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So sorry you didn't get to go on this last trip! Still the wonders seem 'nice'...just watch them OK? Ya never know about the quiet ones!

Brenda said...

Headless Wonders BWAAAHHH!

Kristin - The Goat said...

It's been a very long day and that post was just the fun I needed :) The headless wonders, how funny.

Ann in the UP said...

It's a shame those Wonders aren't more stretchy and hollow, so you guys (as we say in the UP) could wear them to Badger games when we all go togeter.

Cass @ That Old House said...

I think Miss Keetha decided that Hildy and Borris make quite enough noise in her house, and future S&P couples had better be mighty QUIET.

Or she won't hear those football games!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Quiet neighbors are a good thing but I know your would love to talk with them. I guess you just have to enjoy looking at them. I guess you won't have to fight over any food!

RuthnJasper said...

Boris, my man, how did I miss this one?!? I shall have to have words with my partner, I think.

Your new neighbours may be well-dressed, but I do not think much of their manners. How rude they were to your enchanting lady-wife! I am glad that you stepped in to support her. If two such upstarts behaved so disrespectfully to any woman of MINE, they woud soon find themselves on the business-end of my snout, Wonders or not.

My tip is to stick with the company of the fish. He seems a decent type - and certainly more of a gentleman.

Good evening, sir. Keep blogging! My compliments to your lady.

Jasper xx


I like this post..hmm..these are interestingzzzz

Ordinary Hiker said...

Oh my goodness Keetha, i love the theme of this blog! The bears are adorable in all their adventures. I used to feature a little knick knack on my old blog for a bunch of my posts, you've got me all nostalgic! Now I feature my dog Bender Oak, but he's got stiff competition with these bears!