Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great White Tickle Monster!!


Brunhilda here.

About once a week, the Great White Tickle Monster comes to TORMENT and TORTURE us.

"Where is Miss Keetha!? Why doesn't she STOP that monster?" you might well be asking.

Well - - - shocking as I KNOW this will be to all of you bloggy fans who THINK Miss Keetha is "all it" I gotta tell you she isn't all you think she is. You can BARELY see it, but that is HER HAND holding the Great White Tickle Monster.

What's that you say? You think she is trying to STOP the monster, to hold him back???

Aux contraire, she is pushing him right onto us!!!

That big fluffy monster tickles us ALL OVER - - - on our heads, our paws, our backs, and our bellies!!! It is like Chinese water torture I tell ya!

I'm claustrophobic - - - every time it happens I think I'm gonna jump right out of my FUR!

Borris is VERY ticklish. He growls, squirms, and tries EVERYTHING to get away, but Miss Keetha holds him like he's in a VICE and just lets that Tickle Monster persecute him!!!!

Most of the time we LIKE living here at 101 S. Kitchen Table Way - - - but if THIS doesn't stop, we may be forced to pack our bags, wait for our best chance, and RUN AWAY!!!

HELP!!! You are our last hope.



Cathy said...

Oh this is so cute.That's the kind of monster that needs to visit my house. Do you think you could send him to Texas.

kyooty said...

hehe tickle Tickle

Theresa said...

Oh come on, quit 'cha whining! Dust bunnies will get up your nose and in your eyes! So, stand still and allow that precious Ms. Keetha to keep you clean as a whistle! Stay there where you are loved:) Hugs from Ganky!

Lady Jane said...

Get em Keetha. Keep those bears clean, lol...Never fear, they have it too good, they wont run away...

Gerson y Betsy said...

If you decide to run away, come to MY house! I rarely use that white monster! You won't get tickled by me, but you won't be as clean as you are at Miss Keetha's house.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry but I agree with the great white tickle monster, you have to be clean. People eat on that table!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sorry but I have a great white tickle monster here also! Of course he has been on a 'vacation' for awhile but will be back soon.

Jasper said...

My dear Brunhilda,

I am SO sorry to hear of your traumas. Amnesty International and the Red Cross (as well as the Li-bear-ty people) have been informed.

Cleanliness is my mortal enemy. I will not tolerate it.

Incidentally, my dear, if Bruce is ever away, I should be pleased to offer you a little company, perhaps some honey and grubs, and a little wine and soft music chez Jasper.... ;-)

One day Miss Keetha will go too far with Boris and that tickle-stick - I hope the poor lady does not live to regret her well-meaning actions...

Ever Yours,

Jasper xxx

Angie said...

Oi Oi Oi - HEY - JASPER! PSSST .... is that you there whispering sweet nothings in Brunhilde's pretty little shell-like when you already proposed to Sal?

Angie said...

Sorry about that Brunhilde. I do love Jasper to bits but if he gets on that computer without his partner's close supervision there's no telling what shenanigans he'll get up to!

My own tickle monster is yellow and involves its victim being picked up in my (equally) vice-like grip and scrubbed at within an inch of its life. It's so cruel I only do it if my mum is coming for tea.

groovyoldlady said...

Keetha once forced me to wear a rather embarassing and unbecoming hat, so I can sympathise with you!

angie leverence said...

Keetha, this is hilarious. You're certifiably nuts. I love it.