Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wherein B & B Go on a Mission for Aunt Pam


Aunt Pam was wondering where some little houses that Uncle Mac made were hiding. So, we went on a reconnaissance mission to see if we could find them.

How'd we do, Aunt Pam???? Are these the ones, sitting right here on the coffee table - - -

Across from this Christmas train??? The way it's snowing here today, this train COULD be the Polar Express!



Pam said...

Well done B&B! How nice you look with the cottages - perhaps a good spot for you during the Christmas season so that you get to see firsthand all that come and go through the front door.

Jasper said...

I think B & B would do well to set up their own private investigation business. What with their talent, and diminutive statures, no wicked deed would pass by them undetected! Then, of course, there's the TV Series... Moonlighting? Miami Vice? Magnum PI? Undercover Bears would make a good title!

Top result on finding the sweet little cottages my friends - and well done to the pair of you for eschewing your hibernation period in order to assist the humans at this busy time. I'm really not sure how they'd manage without you...

Jasper xx

Kirby3131 said...

Those houses are really cute! I'm glad that Pam asked about them and that B&B found them :)

Good bears!

Lady Jane said...

I have never been in this site and it is a riot. Love those bears, lol...